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We Will Tell You How Hellgates Work In Albion Online

Le 15 June 2016, 05:32 dans Humeurs 0

We will tell you how Hellgates work and more, please carefully read the following. And more guides and news in

# How Hellgates Work

You and four of your friends can actually go through a portal which will take you to these special Hell dungeons. And within these dungeons, they’re filled with demons. You will fight these demons to get soul stones, and at the end you will encounter a huge demon boss.

In order to open a Hellgate in Albion Online, you have to find a Gatekeeper. Albion is ravaged by a previous war, and there are many places that are weak, where the connection between the planes is damaged. At these places, gatekeepers will appear and can be defeated. And when you fight one, if you manage to defeat one which isn’t easy, it will open a portal to Hell. This Hellgate can only be used by those who defeated the demon, and only up to five people can enter it.

The Hellgate itself works very much like a mini dungeon. So, it is filled with very nasty, hellish creatures.

# Chance to Fight Against Players

The most exciting thing is that at the same time there’s a second portal somewhere in the world, and if another group of people discovers that second portal, they will come rushing in into the same place where you are.

When you enter Hellgates, you never know what is going to happen. It’s possible that you are alone, that you’re just up against the demons of Hell and their boss, but it’s just as likely that you will encounter another group.

And if you encounter these groups down there, they will usually be out for blood. They will try to fight you(pvp). They will try to fight you for the spoils that you’ll find in this place.

Because the number of how many people can enter Hell and also how many enemy groups you’ll encounter there are limited, it’s going to be a fair, square and skill-based fight.

# Hellgates Boss

The creature waiting for you at the end of the Hellgates is a powerful demon. The interesting part about the demon boss is that he throws off these lava bombs. These lava bombs actually stay on the ground and deal damage to anyone that gets close to them.

He can slam the ground, flood the combat area with lava and knock everyone back dealing massive damage to them. And then, obviously, if you get too close to him, he will strike you and deal a lot of damage that way. But when you defeat him, you get a lot of souls, and these souls are used for crafting really powerful items, and that’s why you come to Hell.

In addition, demons in Hellgates drop soul stones. It’s a rare and very expensive item used for high-level equipment. It’s an essential item for all players.

It's over. Good Luck~

Albion Guide of How to Use Daggers

Le 11 June 2016, 10:29 dans Humeurs 0

If you need some Albion information please click, there are more guides and news in our site. So now I will try explain Daggers and you carefully read following content

# Has no sufficient CC. It has ability "Infiltration", which should, quote: "stuns any enemy target in the area". What we really have? No stun - only non-targeted sleep (if you lucky guy). As we know, sleep will be disturbed by any incoming damage. This quite useless in mass pvp fight. There is should be better REAL STUN, atleast for one target (and, of course, blink).

# "Sunder Armor" ability does almost nothing for additional damage without huge number of Albion Online Silver. I mean, debuff Armor and Magic Resistance for -14 at T4.1 and -18 at T8.5 is useless. We have tested it.

About Daggers Pair.

# "Slit Throat" seems to be nice damage skill. But let's compare the Daggers Pair and Cursed Staff.

1. Passive skills: Daggers Pair have +10% to auto-attack damage - useless for "Slit Throat" skill based weapon because of Daggers Pair has no poison like one-handed Dagger. And additional generating energy. Cursed Staff is one-handed weapon, so it can be used with any off-hand equipment, which can give one of next passives: Increase cast speed by 10%, Reduce all cooldowns by 10%, Reduce by 30% CC (shield). Should I comment this? Cursed Staff wins this.

2. Cursed Staff's third ability almost same as Dagger's Pair. But Cursed Staff use it from distance. IMO Cursed Staff wins this.

3. Let's talk about first ability. Player who plays with daggers should rush in the enemies and only from melee distance use skills. At this time he can be stunned, knocked, sleeped, silenced. Any of this CC effects equal of death. Because of Immunity from CC won't save player from knock-back effect (and maybe many another). It will only reduce length of fly. Cursed Staff's first ability has DOT effect, which prevents casting enemy. Daggers cannot do this. Any range DD player can use knock-back from equipment and, while you in air, start using channeling ability. At this time you CANNOT even hide by invisibility - any DOT or channel ability immediately show you. And you will die. Cleanse will not clear your DOT's. So, Cursed Staff again wins.

# Also light heavy helmet gives you additional magical damage up to +50% (and more?) and decrease moving speed. Moving speed for mages? They standing whole casting time! Again, mages win free Albion Online Gold. You wanna say about "Berserk"? Okay, +37% physical damage and decrease from -40 to -50 armor resitance. So you decided decrease moving speed for ranged players and decrease armor for melee players? Not a wise, strongly in my opinion.

About Claws: I will say shortly. Rooted enemy can use any ability. And it will interrupt this channel ability. Useless.

All I Know Albion Online

Le 9 June 2016, 05:19 dans Humeurs 0

This is all I know Albion Online. At first glance, it looks like a standard fantasy MMORPG, but on closer inspection it’s clear that this game stands out when compared to others of the genre. One of the things that really caught our eye is the fact that it is completely cross-platform, and is playable on almost too many platforms to list; Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, and in-browser. The beauty is that all of the players across all of the devices can enjoy the game simultaneously, and on a completely level playing field.

Truly Unique Characters

Often when you fire up a MMORPG or fantasy game, you’re face with some limited choices. You can choose a race, and usually between 3 or more classes with very specific skills. Albion Online takes a different approach with character development, and allows the player to fine tune exactly how they want their character to progress. There are no set classes from the start; the only thing that you get to choose is basic looks and gender. Throughout the game, as the character progresses, skill points can be used to go down particular paths to turn the hero into a magic dealer, beefy tank, or any combination of skills.

Flourishing Economy

The economy in Albion Online is purely player-driven. From producing the resources in farms, to selling them in the auction house, players are involved every step of the way. This is one of the first times an economy like this has been included in a cross-platform MMORPG, and we look forward to seeing what happens with the community and the economy.

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