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Study Albion Online Crafting

Le 28 May 2016, 05:19 dans Humeurs 0

Crafting is essential in Albion Online. And if you want to become a master in a certain crafting branch, you have to create items of that type to become more skillful. A lot of items. Some people go ahead and salvage their finished products to retrieve some of the invested resources. A large number, however, puts them on the market place in the hopes of finding a willing buyer. With so many people competing though, it has become sometimes quite difficult to sell off an apprentice’s goods. This led to a massive stockpile of low-end and mid-range goods on all the marketplaces in Albion with people undercutting each other, because they still have to practice their skills.

Study Crafting

With the update following after Cador, you will not have to drag a bundle of low-end maces halfway through town to try and sell them on the market or have them salvaged. Instead, you can just stay at that workstation and disassemble the final product. This way, you learn more about crafting items from this particular item group, meaning instead of gaining resources and Albion Online Silver from salvaging, you receive fame.

The amount of fame you receive is, of course, dependant on the type of item you disassemble. Additionally, the location you are in has an influence and can give you some bonus fame, very much like the resource bonus when crafting things – in short: the more dangerous the region you are in, the more bonus fame you receive. On top of that, you can invest crafting focus to receive even more bonus fame.

Here is a first very rough mockup of how it will get implemented (numbers and design are not final!):

To speed things up, you will even be able to disassemble multiple items at once – and those made by other crafters. After all, you can always learn from others, can’t you? And more guides in

I Think Some Very Useful Albion Online Notes

Le 26 May 2016, 04:02 dans Humeurs 0

I summed up some notes that may be also helpful for you.

- Always join a guild with at least 3 people inside it to gather higher tier resources to be safer. Always look at the map to see what resources are there.

Destiny Board

- Do not do destiny board all by yourself, you suppose to team up with your guild, so the other guild member will do some job for you, so you do not need to do everything by yourself. Therefore, you do not need to do a lot of destiny board. Should do only 2x Gathering, 2x Refining, 3x Crafting, and 4x Fighting in the destiny board.

Death and PVP Combat

- Always build extra combat equipment and put it in some banks around your area incase you die, so you can get back your items when you died if you go back to your bank and get your other armor to go back and get your dropped item back.

- Sometimes when you use shot distance melee weapon they can kill you before you even reach to them in Guild vs. Guild.

- Solo player should equip self- healing and tank equipment, because your health is the most important.

- You should be with a group that defenses you and you should use a Ox to carry your heavy stuff to transfer bank to another bank in a safe zone.

- Can click Details tab that is next to the inventor to see your combat stats.

Trading And Money Management

- Never sell out or trade out with your best or rare stuff unless you have extras.

- Do not kill low tier mobs for money, because low tier mobs are hard to find when everyone comes and kills the low tier mobs. Therefore, you should have a Guild group to go to higher tier PVP area to kill higher tier mobs for money.


- Always Salvage your extra items instead of selling it to rebuild it again to gain more crafting experience fame.

- Always add the boot spell with Run, and have no sprint.

- Do not add reflecting armor spells if you are a tank, because you do not revive a lot of damage.


- Hold left mouse to walk.

- When you equip with pickaxe you can hit q to equip your best weapon.

- Hit A to mount.

- How to target heal? Alt or Option to heal target. F1 to heal whole party target. F4 to heal single party member target.

- To whisper in the game you type in /w player name

- To talk to a guild then you type in /G

At last, Good luck. The more guides in

I Have Several Ideas About Albion Online

Le 24 May 2016, 11:13 dans Humeurs 0

I have several ideas because I recently joined and I have been doing only PvE so I cannot speak about PvP experience. But in pve, targeting enemys is somewhat difficult when there is only a few mobs and lots of loot bags on the ground. Trying to get the target and but keep getting loot window open right in the middle of my screen.

This is my ideas

1. Make Albion Online Silver picked up automatically with out clicking, or completely remove silver drop and make it goes in to the bag directly(direct deposit)

Silver is shared in a group anyway and I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t want extra silver coins. If somebody really and absolutely doesn’t want extra silver, maybe we can have not accepting silver’ option in a group.

2. No tab auto targeting but ctrl/alt/shift targeting help keys.

* In my understanding tab-targeting is auto targeting? correct me if I am wrong.

* What I am suggeting instead is keep the game click-targeting based but use ctrl/alt to change target group.

* Normal click will select anything while ctrl+click will select only friendly target and nothing else.

* Alt+click will select only hostile target so you won’t get loot bag instead when you don’t want it.(Or in pvp which I don’t have any experice on yet, you won’t accidentally picking a resource)

* Shift+click for target your opponent but you don’t move toward target. Maybe useful for ranged ambush.

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