Oh my God! Don't you know Albion Online? You should know, even a little.Albion Online is an open world medieval sandbox MMORPG inspired by old school MMORPGs like Ultima Online and Mortal Online with full loot PvP, in-depth crafting, and player housing. Everything in Albion Online must be crafted by other players and PvP is open world. Graphically speaking, the game actually looks a lot like Runescape, except with much more polished visuals. Those looking for a unique player driven MMO should find a lot to like in Albion Online.

Albion Online Key Features:

Classless progression - No rigid class system. Equipment determines your role and players are encouraged to experiment. In the game's own words, "You are what you wear".

Player driven economy - Gather resources and craft items. ALL items and buildings are crafted by players. Players can even create their own farms!

Full Loot MMORPG - Death is kind of a big deal in Albion Online and it means players can have all their items looted upon death.

Player built cities - Build your very own house and decorate it however you like. Players can also create their own cities and villages as well as battle other guilds 

over in-game territory.

True cross-platform support - One massive server for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android clients.

If you want to know more and more, you can play this game.